What is SimpleStep?

How do you get good at anything – and, then, how do a few people get great? Practice.

Not just random practice – deliberate practice.

Deliberate practice isn't just meaningless repetition. It's focused practice, aimed just a little above your current skill level, designed to push you to the next level.

If you want to learn a new skill or improve your current performance, every minute you spend in deliberate practice is time well spent.

Successful musicians, dancers, and athletes make deliberate practice work for them – usually with the help of a coach.

Let SimpleStep help coach your child to success in school, and ultimately in life – one simple step at a time.

​Learn Anywhere Comfortable

At home, on the school bus, at the park - wherever! Any computer, tablet, or even your phone, becomes your learning portal.

The best place to learn is here and now. We make this as convenient as possible, even with kids on the go.

At home, connect up with SimpleStep at the computer. But anyplace you're connected to the Internet can be the place your child takes another step toward success and achievement at school.

​Lessons Are 10 Minutes or Less

Replace hours of long lessons, confusing text books, and endless pages of homework assignments.

At SimpleStep, we make every minute count.

Each lesson begins with a short video, followed by a set of fast-paced questions. In 10 minutes, students aren't just passively learning – they're actively improving their skills second by second.

​Simple Step Really Works

Get into the zone! Every lesson keeps kids focused, engaged, challenged, and moving forward.

Have you ever watched minutes turn into wasted hours as your child zoned out doing homework? Instead of zoning them out, SimpleStep zones kids in.

We start each lesson by giving students just enough time to answer questions they're ready for. Then we ramp it up at a pace they can keep up with. Finally, we weave in what they've already learned.

Lesson by lesson, SimpleStep kids get skills they can use now, which propels them on to the next level of learning.

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